It's so Easy Cooking the Saladmaster Way

We've been cooking with Saladmaster for two years now. I got Saladmaster for the health reasons but what I truly love is that I can make my pasta sauces without having to stir. Now I am not tied to the kitchen stirring and making sure that nothing burns. And, instead of making the sauce all day like I used to, I just cook it on low for an hour or two and get the same results. I am Italian and we like to have big family gatherings. It's so easy cooking the Saladmaster way and everyone loves the flavor of the vegetables and the sauces. Sauces not made with Saladmaster are not nearly as flavorful. I attribute this to never boiling the sauce and keeping all the minerals and natural flavor in the food. The other thing I love so much about cooking with Saladmaster is roasts. I never have to turn on that huge oven and heat up my whole house. And the fact that there is no shrinkage means I am saving a lot on meat costs. We have roasts all the time and my family raves about them. Saladmaster has not only improved our health but has made cooking so much faster, easier, and more flavorful. It is one of the best investments we have made. I only wish I'd seen it years ago. Thanks so much for introducing us to this fabulous health cooking system.


Josie Crawford


My Husband Now Raves About My Cooking!

My Saladmaster cookware has been one of the best investments our family has ever made. I love that I can cook skinless chicken right on the hot pan without any oil. It’s such a good feeling knowing that I am feeding my kids such healthy food. I used to bake chicken in the oven with the skin on to keep in the juices, but I always felt guilty eating the skin. With Saladmaster I can cook delicious chicken and roasts, tender and juicy and not even miss the fat.


We’ve had our set for two years and it still amazes me how fast clean up is!


I love that once the food has reached temperature, I can turn the heat right down to minimum and save so much energy and cooking time. Soft-boiled eggs are incredible when cooked in Saladmaster and with NO WATER! I guess they’re “soft-cooked” not soft-boiled!


My husband used to compliment me on my cooking, but now he raves about it! Grandma’s recipes never tasted so good!


Mrs. Anne Laird


Baby Won't Eat Commercial Baby Food...Only Saladmaster!

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Saladmaster and our cookware.


I have been making baby food and I am so happy to know that our baby is getting such incredible nutritional value in his vegetables and fruit. He loves his food!


I bought some commercial baby food so I could have the jars and I tried giving Willem the commercial baby food. He would not eat it! So I did a little taste comparison. Let's just put it this way, I ended up throwing out the commercial food and just keeping the jars. There was no flavor, no color, just very bland, and you can imagine that with all the boiling and processing, there would be no nutritional value in the commercial food.

My only regret is that we didn't have Saladmaster cookware when our other two children were infants.

Thanks again. Looking forward to your cooking school!!




Aundrea Palmer


Everyone Thinks They Make the Best Roasts...Until They Taste Mine!

What a great opportunity to express my appreciation for my wonderful Saladmaster cookware!


I have had my set about 10 years, use them daily and as they clean up so easily, they still look like new! The quality of the meals and the enhanced flavor of the food can’t be beat when cooking with Saladmaster. The food tastes better and is more nutritious for my family.


I really have to rave though about my favorite pot, the 4 Quart Roaster. In it I prepare our roasts, which always end up perfect, to the delight of all. I prepare it as I was taught at the Cooking School, heating it to medium high, waiting until the paper towel browns, then browning the roast for about 10 minutes, adding lost of onions, cover and cooking for about 4 hours; it never seems to get overdone. Never using any water or cooking oils! Always delicious! Everyone always thinks they can make the best roasts until they taste mine! This pan alone was worth the money!


Linda Bredenhof

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