Saladmaster Solutions Health Systems can change your life. This cooking system enables you to cook low-fat, nutritious meals that taste incredibly delicious. When you eat healthy food, you look better, feel better and live longer. Saladmaster Solutions is more than just cookware, it's a commitment to a better quality of life--that's the main difference.


316Ti - Titanium Stainless Steel

We select only the finest materials for our products. The 316Ti  Titanium Stainless Steel that we use is of a much higher grade and sheen than the stainless steels used by other cookware companies. In fact, 316Ti is widely known and respected in the medical field for it's high performance and durability, and is used to make the world's finest health equipment.






Versa Loc

No more problems stacking your cookware and fitting them neatly into your cabinets. Storing has never been easier than with our exclusive, Versa Loc detachable Handle System. Plus it provides for convenient stove to table service turning a pan into an elegant serving piece with just a click. Clean up and storage are a breeze also. Simply remove the handles and place in the dishwasher or cabinets. Best of all, Versa Loc handles are safer and stronger than traditional handle technology.






Vapo Valve™

The Saladmaster Solutions Cookware features the patented Vapo Valve, which takes the guesswork out of cooking. When the temperature inside reaches the desired temperature for preparing foods without harming the nutritional aspects, the Vapo Valve begins to click, alerting you to turn down the temperature. No need to open the lid or stir the food to prevent scorching or burning. The convenient Vapo Valve eliminates the need for stirring or constant "pot-watching".


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